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Tuesday, Apr 15, 2014 Henry Dallow
So as you all know Windows XP support has finished for you and I, however that doesn't mean we have to stop using it! You can still use Windows XP for a while (one year or so) after support has ended, so to stay on top of your XP machine here are a few pointers: 1 . DO NOT USE INTERNET...Read More
Saturday, Mar 22, 2014 Serges LaRiviere
Are you finding   that your computer has been running slow lately? Have you found yourself sitting around waiting for it to complete a task and you're getting frustrated? The problem might be your hard drive is just about full and needs some cleaning. By determining regaining and freeing...Read More
Wednesday, Mar 5, 2014 Serges LaRiviere
We've all been there, the mail man delivers the new laptop we ordered and we can't wait to tear the box open, plug it in and get it charged up as fast as we can so we can dive in and be amazed at this great new piece of technology we bought. But wait, what if something happened during shipping,...Read More

Ask-A-Techie Articles

Thursday, Oct 24, 2013 Chris Allard
Dear Techie, Is it possible for someone to track my location if they had my cell phone's IP address? Someone I know asked me for it recently and I thought it was odd.   - Unsure in Idaho       Hi Unsure,   Generally speaking, yes,...Read More
Saturday, Aug 3, 2013 Chris Allard
I would like to understand if an IP address on an email gives away your location to an ordinary person, or a person with some reasonable IT savvy.  I was given to understand that a computer's IP address is embedded in a header somewhere in emails sent out.  If I am in city X and...Read More
Saturday, Jul 6, 2013 Chris Allard
I went on vacation with my boyfriend last year and we both took our laptops. At one point, my boyfriend wanted to use my laptop because he said his didn't have online connection. I said sorry but I have personal stuff on my laptop and I wouldn't let him use it. I went out for a while and when I...Read More


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